Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review of My Book by Patrick Rahall

Horror and dark fantasy writer Patrick Rahall posted this review of Listening to Ian Magick today on his blog, Randomness of the Universe and Other Places. (By the way, he's the author of two excellent novels, Cycle of the Hunter and Mist and Shadowboth available at Amazon.)

"Been Away, but I'm Back!

 Yeah I know, I havent been around recently but I do have some good things to say about "Listening to Ian Magick" by Tamworth Grice - great story and very well written!  I definitely liked the point of view and the way she keeps you guessing as to what is actually going on.  You're never really quite sure, and every time you think you have the answer she throws you another curveball.  Excellent story, definitely check it out.  You'll love it if you like well-written stories and awesome characters with depth to them.  None of her characters are shallow or one dimensional.  She makes you care about what happens to Chelsea and what is going on with her life.  Go check it out!
Also, Go Bruins!  Kick some more Canuck ass!"

Thanks, Patrick!

Patrick Rahall

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