Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Indie Support Day

I'm designating Wednesday, June 22, two weeks from now, as Indie Support Day.

I'm calling for everyone to show their support on this day for any and all independent writers, musicians, and filmmakers, and any and all other indie artists.

You can show your support in several ways.

Refuse on that day to buy any books from the corrupt, heartless, and monalithic commercial publishing industry.

Buy a self-published print or eBook. Some are as cheap as 99 cents or less. Who can't afford that?

Attend a showing of an indie film.

Buy a song or album by an indie musician.

If you know of an indie artist who needs money, make a donation to help him or her survive.

If you know of a fundraiser for an indie project, make a contribution to help that project reach completion.

If you personally know an indie artist, take him or her to lunch, or do his/her laundry, or buy him/her some household necessities like toilet paper. Do something--anything--to show your support!

Communicate with at least one indie artist--via email, Twitter, or Facebook, or in person--and say:

"I support you as an indie artist! I think what you're doing is great!"

Let's do it!

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