Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Aesop's Fable of the Wolf and the Dog

A hungry wolf met a fat dog in the forest.

“You look so well-fed,” said the wolf. “Where are you finding food? I’ve looked for days and can’t find even a mouse to eat.”

The dog replied, “Finding food is no problem. My master feeds me. He gives me the choicest cuts of meat every night. Plus he provides a warm and dry place to sleep.”

“But what’s that red mark around your neck?” said the wolf. "The skin is raw, and the fur is worn away."

“Oh, that’s where my chain chafes my skin and rubs the fur off my neck. My master keeps me chained up,” the dog said. “Today I was able to break free, but now that it’s dinnertime, I’m going back. Why don’t you join me? There’s plenty to eat.”

“No thanks,” said the wolf. “I’d rather starve than be kept on a chain.”

Moral: Lean freedom is better than fat slavery.

Wondering how this applies to anything I write about here in my blog? Please post your ideas in a comment!


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