Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Questions for Barnes & Noble

1. There's a rumor going around that Barnes and Noble won't include a self-published eBook priced at under $3 on its Nook top 100 bestseller list, even if the book's sales merit this inclusion. (Here's an Internet article about this situation [dated June 10]
Is this true?
2. I checked, and 20 of the top 100 Amazon Kindle books are 99¢, but 0 of the Nook top 100 books are priced at under $3.
Can you explain this disparity?
3. One person on Twitter said he'd read that B&N has "criteria" for inclusion, and that 99¢ self-published books don't meet this criteria. (He didn't say where he'd read this.)
Is this true?
4. Amazon apparently doesn't have this criteria and  thinks these books do merit inclusion.
Do you have any idea why B&N and Amazon might have such different policies about inclusion on the top 100 lists of eBooks?
5. If true, doesn't this all mean that B&N is lying to consumers about which books are its bestsellers?
6. If true, doesn't this all also mean that B&N is unfairly discriminating against 99¢ self-published books, especially because some buyers will purchase a bestseller over a non-bestseller?
7. Also, if true, why should any writer, such as myself, with a 99¢ self-published book offer those books as Nook editions?
8. Finally, if true, please give a good reason why indie authors and their supporters should not boycott both Nook and B&N?

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