Monday, June 6, 2011

Amazon UK Review of My Book

Check out this review of my book from

5.0 out of 5 stars. k3books review, 6 Jun 2011
By Paul Kendall

"I found the book a very entertaining read. I had the book read to me, by the Magick Amazon kindle 3, on a lovely sunny day, while doing other things. The story takes the reader or listener, into other worlds, into the furtile minds of Goth music or 'Magick' fans and then enter "the Rasputin like rock star Ian Magick". Another world for me, messages from Satan well frankly, I have had a few. Seriously this is dark stuff and Goth Horror fans should enjoy it, I did. Ideally, I prefer to read Goth Horror, when I am in a Hotel in Whitby, North Yorkshire, with a storm out at sea rattling the windows, tucked under the heavy Egyptian cotton sheets, just before I fall asleep reading a good book. I get some great dreams that way."

Thanks so much, Paul!

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