Friday, May 13, 2011

Music Review: Tay Rockit

Tay Rockit

Tay Rockit is a 20-year-old Virginia-based rapper who has created a new genre of music that he calls “Emo Rap.”

I like the idea of this. The melodiousness and emotional lyrics of Emo blend well with the harder edge of Rap, creating a sort of musical sweet-and-sour sauce.

Tay Rockit’s album Stoop Kid offers something for everyone: fast and slow, originals and samples, surreal and real. I’d be amazed if someone couldn’t find something here to adore.

Some songs, such as “Fly Shit,” have that electricky-industrial sound that I like.

The second cut, “Intro,” nicely samples “These Eyes,” a 1968 rock song by the Canadian Guess Who band. My criticism would be that it’s too short, but the sampling returns with cut four, “Skit.”

“Find Something Wrong” sounds hitworthy to me, as does “The Hangover.” The latter starts with a reference to Mike Tyson, moves on through intriguingly surrealistic imagery, such as “a fat white guy putting on an angel suit,” and then sums up the experience: “I guess this is what happens when you have a hangover.” There’s more to “The Hangover,” and it’s all against a background of electronic industrial music. If this is where rap is going, I love it!

I want to mention two more songs: “PAID” sounds a little like a horror-movie soundtrack, complete with a deep monster-like voice. “SUPRAS” is pretty with a good beat (found myself dancing to SUPRAS!) and a nicely noir edge to the melody. It, too, sounds like it would work well in a movie soundtrack—so indie filmmakers, take notice of Tay Rockit if you’re in need of a composer!

Tay Rockit is signed to the indie-label Vital Line Entertainment. On the Reverb Nation Web site he boldly states that he wants to “give euphoria to the masses”—and I think he does!

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