Saturday, May 28, 2011

Interview with Erotic Horror Writer Christian Jensen

Yesterday, I interviewed Christian Jensen, erotic horror writer and author of The Bitch (Book One of Witches House: The Chronicles of Rosario). (You can buy his eBook here for 99¢.) Here's the interview:

Tamworth Grice: How did you happen to become a writer?

Christian Jensen: I got a copy of Pet Sematary when I was a kid and absolutely fell in love with it, and ever since then I wanted to be a writer. I was 8.

Tamworth Grice: And how long have you been writing?

Christian Jensen: I've been writing for damn near 30 years, and I honestly wouldn't know what to do if I had to stop. I've had every job imaginable; I am a chef, a master mechanic, an all-around handyman. I can fix anything and if i taste it I can cook it. I am also a tattoo artist. I love dogs, and I have a Great Dane, a Lab mix, and a Jack Russel mix. I really do love all animals. Especially the delicious ones like cows and pigs and lobsters.

Tamworth Grice: (laughs) How did you choose erotic horror as your genre?

Christian Jensen: I really am a horror writer at heart. Everything I write ends up tinged with it. I just kind of progressed towards erotic horror, and it made a lot of sense for me. I found myself writing these elaborate sex scenes and then editing them because they were too graphic. I hate editing scenes out, especially if I think they flow with the story well.

Tamworth Grice: So you probably don’t like censorship.

Christian Jensen: I hate censorship, especially self-censorship. I don't do it well, either. So I started leaving the sex scenes in and I realized it was still a horror novel or short story, but it had this tint of erotica to it that I really liked. So one day I woke up and realized I was an erotic horror author.

Tamworth Grice: But now you're working on something for the YA market, is that right?

Christian Jensen: Yes. I am currently writing the sequel to my first (unpublished) young adult book. It's a lot of fun to write because I get to think like a twelve year old, which honestly isn't a stretch for me. I am also working on another erotic horror novel that may or may not be about vampires. Additionally I am cranking out short stories for a collection I will publish next month. I am also finishing up the edits on the third erotic horror novel in the Witches House series, plus the prequel to that series, and a collection of erotic scenes.

Tamworth Grice: Wow! That’s a lot!

Christian Jensen: I like to stay busy. This is why I write between 5,000 and 10,000 words a day.

Tamworth Grice: Like a lot of us, you chose to go with self-publishing your books as eBooks. How did that come about?

Christian Jensen: I know a lot of very successful published authors. I have heard about the stigma toward self-publishing for years, but I have noticed a shift in the wind. I spoke with Brian Keene about it, and his advice was to make sure a book is edited professionally and has a professional looking cover. Brian admits that if he was just starting out he would most likely go the self publishing route.

Tamworth Grice: Did any other authors offer you advice about ePublishing?

Christian Jensen: Jonathan Maberry told me that there are a lot of people making good livings off their eBooks, especially short story collections. Once I saw that the stigma had lessened (it's not gone by any means—just not as severe) I thought I would try it.

Tamworth Grice: And you wrote The Bitch as a book to self-publish, right?

Christian Jensen: That’s right. I wrote The Bitch specifically for self publishing on Kindle. I was very happy with the experience and followed it up with a second part in the series, and the third will be out soon. I will have at least seven books up on Kindle and Nook by July.

Tamworth Grice: So tell us more about The Bitch.

Christian Jensen: The Bitch is actually a book that I wrote because I loved the main character, Rosario, so much. She first appears in Witches House (soon to be published) as a secondary character, but I thought she was too big for such a small role and came up with a series of books just for her.

Tamworth Grice: What’s the title character’s relationship with Rosario?

Christian Jensen: The Bitch is one of Rosario's lovers, a gorgeous werewolf who is hunting her mother’s killer. When the huntress becomes the hunted, Rosario has to fight to save her lover from the man who killed her mother, and from herself. There is a big secret that may just undo everything Rosario has been struggling to protect. Between the action and sex scenes there aren't many wasted words. I really hope everyone falls in love with Rosario as they read about her in the same way I did while writing her.

Tamworth Grice: Based on my reading, I’m sure they will. Thanks so much, Christian.

Christian Jensen: You’re welcome. And thanks so much for this. It’s very exciting being interviewed.

Christian Jensen


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