Tuesday, September 11, 2012

June Miller


Henry Miller was a HUGE influence on me when I first discovered his works in my teens.  

The great love of Miller’s life—his inspiration and his muse—was his wife June, whom he met in 1923. Within days of that first meeting, according to Miller, June began encouraging him to pursue a career as a writer. Miller divorced his wife and married June in 1924. They went to France together in the late 1920s, and eventually Miller introduced June to his female Parisian benefactor (and lover—unknown to June), the diarist Anais Nin. Nin almost immediately became as obsessed with June as Henry Miller was. All of this is described in detail in Henry’s and Anais’s books, as well as in the film Henry and June in which June is played by Uma Thurman.

June is characterized by both Miller and Nin as a woman who could twist men to do her bidding. Her photos don’t do this justice, but I suspect she was like Cleopatra: not stunningly beautiful, but hauntingly charming.

Having become, through Miller’s work, almost as infatuated with June as Henry and Anais were, you can imagine my surprise when I learned recently that June is buried less than an hour away from where I live in Northern Arizona!

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