Monday, July 11, 2011

Interview with Me--About My Next eBook

Here's the transcript of yesterday's interview with Berkshire DuRoc:

Berkshire DuRoc: I'm here once again with author Tamworth Grice. Your next book is called Nasty Disposition. What’s it about?

Tamworth Grice: It’s about a 23-year-old Goth girl whose older brother’s ghost wants her to avenge his murder.

BD: Where did you get the idea of making the main character a Goth?

TG: First of all, I’m kind of on the edge of that world myself. I love the Goth fashion sense and can go for months wearing all black all the time. And of course as a horror writer I have a fascination with all things macabre. But I also like to show characters who are outsiders. They’re way more interesting to write about than mainstream conformists.

BD: But the girl’s brother is a mainstream conformist, right?

TG: That’s right. He’s nearly ten years older, and while she never met a law she didn’t want to break, he went in the other direction and became a cop. So there’s been a lifelong friction between them.

BD: Does the title Nasty Disposition describe your main character, then?

TG: Yes. At 23, Carmen has already had a hard life. The mother was a totally dysfunctional alcholic, and so she was raised by Frank, who's nearly ten years older. She got into drugs early in life, then ran away at 15 and stayed away for eight years.

BD: You went through several name changes for the title character in your last book, Listening to Ian Magick. Did that happen with this one?

TG: Not character name changes, but title changes. I went through several titles. Each time I thought I had a good one, I discovered there was already a book with that title or a very similar title. At one point in the book someone tells Carmen she has a nasty disposition, so I chose that. Hopefully no one else will have it by the time I publish the book on August 1!

BD: So who’s the bad guy in the novel?

TG: Actually, the book plays around with the whole idea of “the bad guy.” The local mob boss, a Japanese Yakuza crime lord, is actually one of the kindest characters Carmen encounters. Another “bad guy” in the traditional sense is the dealer and fence--now an ex-con--that Carmen bought drugs from as a teenager, but he, too, is a good-hearted guy who helps her out.

BD: The book’s cover shows a young woman who looks like she’s been horribly beaten. Is that Carmen?

TG: Yes, it is. But I don’t want to give away too much about how she gets that way! You’ll have to read the book.

BD: And we will! This concludes our interview with Tamworth Grice. Her novel Nasty Disposition is due out August 1st as an eBook released in conjunction with Dusty Raven Publishing and available for Kindle via Amazon.  In the meantime, Tamworth’s current novel, Listening to Ian Magick, is available at Amazon

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